July 31, 2009

A day at the beach

We went to the beach today . . . Warren Dunes, to be exact. We took most of our staff and it was a nice, relaxed day. It was a perfect beach temperature and thanks to sunscreen and a rented beach umbrella, I managed to get just a little burned. I'm not sure how because I literally spent the entire time under the umbrella watching Jack and Kyle in the water. Although, even with my eyes closed I could have told you they were having a good time from the giggling and squealing I heard.

I didn't take my camera out of the car once. I've lost my picture-taking mojo and I'm trying to lay off for a while in order to recapture it by the time baby #2 comes along. We'll see . . .

We're having Jen take some family pictures of us tomorrow. We've never had any taken and I'm wishing I had chosen to have them done before I was 33 weeks pregnant and puffy, but oh well. I just wanted a few to commemorate the time in our lives that we were a family of 3. I just have no idea what I'm going to wear. There's really nothing "flattering" at this point. I guess I'll just have to settle for whatever fits.

Heather comes tomorrow! We're so excited to see her and spend a few days with her . . . um, and put her to work at camp!

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