February 11, 2009

The long road to Florida

It seems that we can't stay healthy around here. Jack's got a raspy cough (and after last week, I still have a natural reflex grab the blue bucket every time I hear him coughing). He felt warm to me last night, but his temp was normal, so hopefully this will pass . . . by Saturday.

Speaking of Florida, I CAN'T WAIT. Kyle's been e-mailing back and forth with his grandma to get some details set. For those of you that know us, the fact that we planned this trip more than three days in advance is a big deal. We don't plan vacations. We usually just decide at the last minute when we go somewhere. And I know three or four weeks isn't exactly "advanced planning" for most people, but it is for us. I think it's partially because we're never sure what our schedule will be. But it's also because I get SO impatient just waiting.

I still have a lot of packing and preparing to do over the next few days . . . and a lot of camp projects that I'm working to complete before we leave. I need to buy a few new toys/books for Jack and work on downloading some of Jack's shows from tivo to Kyle's ipod so we can take those, too.

Everyone's waking up . . . time to get to work.

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Erin K. said...

Regarding the reflex to grab the blue bucket anytime Jack coughs... Kaitlyn has caught on to this. When she was sick last week, she started fake gagging on purpose just to mess with me. I think this is evidence of her inborn orneriness. (Which she gets from her father, of course.)

I hope you have a GREAT time in Florida!