February 15, 2009

On the road

Things I want to remember about our drive down to Florida:

Anytime we'd see an animal in the back of a car, or a bike strapped to the back of a travel trailer, Jack would say, "Dat's silly."

Our relaxing dinner at Chili's in Knoxville and the nice hotel room in which we were able to unwind. And Jack's fascination with the elevator, as well as his peaceful willingness to hold my hand and walk instead of throwing fits about wanting ot be carried.

Jack and Kyle's a mini-game of hide and seek / peekaboo using a blanket, during the two hours that I drove. He'd cover him up, make a big deal of searching for him saying, "Jackson . . where are you?" and then tickle him until he could barely breathe. When Kyle would take a break from the game, Jack would cover himself with the blanket and start saying, "Jackdon . . . are you?" It was precious. If only the video camera had been up front with us!

Watching the outside temperature increase the farther south we got.

Finding all of the things Jack told me that he put in his "pocket" were actually just shoved in his zip-up hoodie.

Getting a text from Ben & Jeanette saying that their baby had been born an hour before. And getting to talk to Jeanette a little while later. I'll save his name and details (of the fastest labor in the history of first time moms) for her to post.

When we pulled into a Georgia rest area, Jack sat straight up, looked out the window and said, "Wooo . . . Florda!" I guess he thought the rest area was pretty impressive.

Pulling into Palm Coast and seeing how excited Jack was to see Grammie and Grandpa.

Things I would like to forget about our drive down to Florida:

The realization that our car DVD player was broken. It was a nice one that I got for $80 on the day after Thanksgiving. And to discover this in the first few hours of our 18 hour drive literally brought me to tears.

Every minute in which he screamed incessantly. Which was more than I thought it would be, but probably less than I'm remembering it to be.

Realizing that I won't get to meet Ben and Jeanette's son until he's 2 weeks old.

Jack asking for water every 10 minutes and then throwing it and yelling "don't want it" after I handed it to him.

Jack climbing out of the pack and play and making his way into our area of the hotel suite. I knew he could get out, but I was hoping he wouldn't realize it.

Discovering I had left my favorite pillow at our hotel in Knoxville.

Realizing Jack had gone silent and looking back to see that he had thrown up. In the car. Sick.

Having to break down and take tylenol because of how badly my back hurt.

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Minnie said...

I can only imagine what went through your head when you realized that the DVD player was broken. I think I would have cried.