February 18, 2009

What I did on spring break, so far

I haven't really posted about the last few days because, well, there hasn't been much to post! We've been relaxing and taking it easy.

We lounged around on Monday and swam in the pool. The water temperature was 85 degrees . . . which made it a little like taking a really big bath. It was so nice.

Jack was really hesitant about the pool at first. And by "hesitant" I mean that he freaked out and screamed for the first 10 minutes. His first (and only other) time in a pool was a little more than a year ago and he didn't have any issues then. He eventually warmed up to the idea and was jumping off the edge of the pool to Kyle within a half hour or so. He loves to have us hold him up at his belly so he can kick his legs and flail his arms like he's swimming.

Yesterday, we went to St. Augustine. We took the ferry ride (on which we saw lots of dolphins) to Fort Matanzas and took the little tour they offer. It was very informal, informative and FREE. Kyle and I both like history so it was right up our alley, but it wasn't so scripted or scheduled that Jack got bored or antsy. There were plenty of little places for him to explore. I still can't believe it was free!

From there we went down to Henry Street and walked around for a while. We ate lunch at Scarlett O'Hara's and then headed to the outlet shops.

Last night, about an hour after Jack went to bed he woke up screaming. And I walked in to an awfully familiar smell and a baby covered in vomit. He had thrown up, seemingly in his sleep, and it was EVERYWHERE. It was smeared in his hair, all over his face and body . . . and was soon smeared all over me because all he wanted was to be held and comforted. Which, of course, I did.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a waterproof sheet for his pack and play and it soaked right through to the un-washable mattress. Lovely. I wish I could pinpoint what causes his throwing up. He was fine today. No throwing up. Yet.

We did A LOT today. We started the day at Blue Springs State Park to walk along the St. John's River. We saw DOZENS of manatees! And a couple of alligators. It was 80 degrees today and it was beautiful so we couldn't have asked for better weather. You can probably imagine, though, that I cried a little when I realized that the battery for my camera was still charging in our room. Fortunately, I had my rebel in my camera bag as a back up. It's old, and a little broken (the aperture can't be changed when in manual mode - which is why I bought my new camera last summer), but at least I was able to get some pictures.

We left there and drove to Daytona Beach to let Jack get his feet wet in the ocean for the first time. Once again, he was hesitant, but he got used to it and did well until the sand shifted under his feet and he lost his balance and he planted his face into the wet sand. Whoops.

We're headed to Disney World! Yay!


Anonymous said...

this sounds like so much fun (minus the vomit. that i can do without.).

have a great time at disney tomorrow!

Smith Family Blog said...

So jealous-- we lived in South FL for a year and NEVER saw a manatee!

But I agree-- NOT jealous of the vomit. :)