February 11, 2009

The kind of morning that makes you feel old

So, I clicked "publish post" on my last entry and went upstairs to find Jack and Kyle both awake. Kyle looked like he had been hit by a truck. He has a cold and he has it bad.

I sat down on the couch in the living room and Jack climbed up onto my lap with a book I mentioned to Kyle that my back was a little sore. We started reading and I shifted in my seat oh-so-slightly, which sent sharp pains across my upper back and across both shoulders. I started shifting back and forth in my seat, literally crying out in pain, trying to find a comfortable position and couldn't. I felt like an over dramatic little girl, but I made my way to the floor and was basically laying there writhing. Which I'm sure was equal parts annoying and amusing for Kyle to watch. It hurt to pick my head up and move either of my arms. It was so strange because there wasn't a pop or anything to trigger it. It just happened.

So, Kyle got Jack a banana and some water for breakfast and left me laying on the living room floor while he called my chiropractor. As he was on the phone explaining that yes, he understood that I hadn't been there in two years, but no, I couldn't have x-rays done because I'm pregnant, I heard the words that we've learned to dread over the last week:


And thanks to a rush of adrenaline that could have only come from God Almighty, I got to my feet, grabbed him and made it to the sink before he reintroduced his banana and water to the light of day. And I almost dropped him half way through because of the horrible pain one might associate with an old lady with back problems trying to lift a puking, 31 lb kid to the sink.

I went to the chiropractor and feel a little better, but am still in a bit of pain when I try to raise my arms or turn my head from side to side. However, I did receive "helpful" lectures about the evils of vaccines and the fact that Well Baby visits are pediatricians' ways of ripping you off and making a profit. I just said that my little guy was fully vaccinated and pretty healthy, thank-you-very-much. I kept the fact that I plan to use an alternative vaccination schedule with my next child to myself, because . . . well, my reasons are different than his and I think it would have given him too much satisfaction.

Anyway, Jack kept down the pancake he had later, so I have no idea what caused that little episode. And I haven't even checked with Kyle to see how he's feeling. He's been the one keeping things together this morning.

It's just not the kind of morning that sets you up for a great day . . .


Kristi said...

Please feel better!!! You're not allowed to bring the flu into Florida. State law. :)

Erin K. said...

Your chiropractor sounds like mine. If I want a *really* good back rub, all I have to do is mention something about Democrats or abortion, and he gets all riled up. :-) I've also heard the vaccination speech several times.

I hope you and your guys feel better soon!!