February 9, 2009


Kyle and I were engaged on July 17, 2002. It wasn't anything elaborate, but it was PERFECT for us. We were at a park near our house . . . actually a park where we go to take a lot of Jack's pictures now. It was quiet and sweet and very low key.

My friend Heather entered a contest in which they created a video retelling their engagement story. It's SO good.

Click right here. Watch it. Vote for it!


Sarah said...

That is a FANTASTIC video! I had a friend who washed his fiance's feet right after proposing-so neat!

heather.snider said...

Thanks ahead of time to anybody who votes for our video, it looks like it might be a close race! We appreciate all of your help!

Melanie Eccles said...

Even I did catch the horrendous flu from you guys I'm not at all regretting seeing you this weekend. :) It was so wonderful to hear your exciting pregnancy news FIRST hand! We're so thrilled for you guys! Also, it was nice getting to actually have time for a conversation in person. :) I hope your FL trip is fantastic and illness free!!