February 11, 2009

We go there a lot.

We were pulling into the Target parking lot this evening and the car was angled directly toward the store so the sign came into Jack's view for the first time. And he started kicking and flailing and said:

"Dardet! Yay! Po-corn!"

I'm not sure if I'm more proud or ashamed . . .



Anonymous said...

haha! love it!

did you read this post?


There's been some inflation since then, so it's slightly more now, but worth every penny.

Sara Neufeld said...

That is great! My kids start asking for icee's as soon as we get in the parking lot!

also, walmart was one of avery's first words...yeah. we had just moved to a new town and I was lonely so I went to walmart a lot!! :)

Smith Family Blog said...

At least that is healthier than what Moses recognizes--"ice cream" when we're near DQ, and of course "McDon-dald's" :)