February 8, 2009


If you subscribe via google reader or bloglines, you were probably inundated with confusing posts today that are completely out of order. I had been holding them until I was ready for everyone to read them. If you don't subscribe, you can see them all here.

How are you feeling?
Tired! I thought I was as tired as I could possibly be when I was pregnant with Jack, but I was wrong. I'm way more tired now. But otherwise, not bad. I had a little nausea a few weeks ago, but until I got the stomach flu last week I was actually feeling good. I lost three pounds from lack of appetite before the flu and five and a half during the flu, the irony of which is that I finally reached my pre-Jack weight while pregnant. Even though my appetite isn't fully back, I'm regaining pretty quickly. If you remember pictures of me from when I was pregnant with Jack, you'll know that weight gain is not a problem for me.

Was it really the flu?
Yes, unless Kyle and Jack were both having sympathy morning sickness, it was definitely the flu. Plus, the number of times I threw up in 8 hours would not be consistent with morning sickness. Trust me.

How far along are you? When are you due?
I'm about 9 weeks. I'm due in mid-September. We had an ultrasound at around 6 weeks and the heartbeat was steady and strong.

Did you plan this or was it a surprise?

Um, yes. To both.

We really wanted to start trying again and were trying to sort all of the financial stuff out. I had been to the RE clinic and had begun discussing things with my doctor there. I actually called them first when I had the positive test because I had seen them more recently than my other doctor. And even though we weren't necessarily trying to get pregnant yet, we like to think that this was well-planned by the One who has ultimately planned for all of us.

We weren't "trying" but we weren't "not trying" . . . if you know what I mean. We didn't think it was possible for me to get pregnant on my own so the thought of birth control was laughable. Who knows when or why I ovulate. Up until last month, I didn't think I ovulated at all. The doctor called it "spontaneous" which cracked me up. But I can't stress enough that we wanted another baby and that it was the best kind of surprise.

So, it was a surprise?
Surprise does not adequately describe our reaction to this. I put Jack down for a nap right before I took the test and we were still sitting there staring at it when he woke up. And then I realized that for more than an hour I had been holding something that I had peed on and kind of got grossed out.

We knew that this was possible, but we thought the chances were so slim that it would be, well, impossible. We were stunned. We still are a little.

What does Jack think?
We don't talk with him about it a lot . . . I mean, we've mentioned that there's a baby in mommy's tummy, but he doesn't really know what that means. We'll probably wait until much closer to the baby's arrival to really talk to him about stuff because 7 months is a long time for a 20 month old to be anticipating something. Shoot, I told him today that his friend, Eli, was coming to play on Thursday and I'm not sure he'll be able to wait that long. We did ask if he thought the baby would be a boy or a girl. He said a boy. He also said we should name him George. We have NO idea where that came from. Nicole e-mailed some suggestions for "older sibling" books and I'm excited to look at those, but like I said . . . we'll probably wait a little while.

Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?
Yes, I am. One or the other.

Any chance of twins?
Nope. The ultrasound shows one baby. I was actually a little relieved to not have to go through fertility treatments this time around . . . the chance of multiples made me really nervous.

Does this make you dread the drive to Florida more?
Not really. I'm only 9 weeks. I'll be about 12 weeks when we come home. It's early enough that I won't be uncomfortable, so I'm not feeling too worried about it. And, I'm sure many, many women have made the trip a lot more pregnant than I will be. I am bummed that there are A LOT of rides at Disney that I won't be able to go on. Oh well. We'll find plenty to do.


Smith Family Blog said...

I was SO hoping there would be an update when I looked at your blog today. :) I am still so excited for you!

Unknown said...

Congrats Sara! How amazing!

Emily said...

I so got a hint a while back on my blog about the diapers, and it didn't even occur to me!!

P.S. Don't tell anyone, but I'm a little jealous. Holy crap, I hated being pregnant and I just had a baby! It must be these breastfeeding hormones.

Anonymous said...

glad to get this update (and the clarification re: the new posts!).

hope your trip is relaxing and enjoyable (even the car ride, if that's possible).

Phil said...

here's some 'disney while pregnant advice'.


Crystal said...

So SO amazing!! :) This post and the last make me grin from ear to ear!! :)

Lanter Baby! said...

Hi Sara. Its Lindsey, Heather's sister-in-law. Heather shared your good news with us last week, so just wanted to say "hey" and congratulations. We also had a nice surprise last Spring, and we just brought him home 2 weeks ago! We had a boy, Elliot, and our 4 person family adventure is well underway. I can't believe how fast the pregnancy went, but I think its because Simon kept me so busy and then all of the sudden it was time to have another one! I had a lot of mixed feelings at first, like wondering if Simon got enough time on his own, or if I was ready for another baby, or if Simon was ready to not be the baby, but by the time 9 months came, we were pretty much ready, and Simon has done fine so far. Well, anyway, take care of yourself and enjoy the experience! -lindsey

Sarah said...

Awww....she's adorable :)