December 31, 2008

New Year's Thanks

Only 10 minutes of 2008 left. Here are 5 of things from 2008 for which I am thankful:

1. My healthy not-so-baby boy. We've only had two sick visits to the doctor in the last 19 months. I'm stunned when I think about that, given mine and Kyle's childhood illness history.

2. My husband's ingenuity. He's so creative and handy and I'm amazed at how well he can fix things and build things and how put things together.

3. My little business that grew faster than I expected and the people I've met through the business and my blog. Also, for the brief financial relief that it brought, though this will most certainly be the first year ever that I do not receive a tax refund. But this is about being thankful . . .

4. Having enough. We have not gone hungry, without shelter or without anything else that we need. Ever. We are so rich.

5. God's continued grace and direction in our lives.

Oh, and I AM relieved to know that the new year's eve ball drop in NYC is 20% more energy efficient than it was last year. Thank you, Ryan Seacrest.

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