December 11, 2008

In five minutes or less.

THE NUMBER 5. I almost didn't want to write this post when I saw that my last post was my 555th. And it's weird, because in the database at camp yesterday, I checked the total number of records and it was 5,555. Spooky. . . .ok, not really.

GOING AWAY. Our anniversary (6 years!) is on Sunday and we're not doing anything special because Christmas with Kyle's grandparents is on that day. So I guess we're doing something special . . . just not in celebration of our anniversary. Next weekend is a different story. We're going to stay at Huron House for a weekend. And I'm super excited. It will be my first night ever away from Jack and I have mixed feelings. And I'm sure any negative feelings will subside as I sleep in past 7 AM.

THE SHOP. I closed it today. Just for today. I needed to catch up and I needed a break. This morning was AWFUL. My hotmail locked me out and I had e-mail coming in faster than I could answer. I had an issue with a customer (which I guess is good since I've had about 600 sales in the last month or so and only one issue . . . and it was out of my control). I was sleep deprived. And I had to work on camp stuff and let everything sit, which I knew would result in orders piling up. Which resulted in shutting it down. BUT, I had a nice dinner with my small group tonight and also had four customers this afternoon and evening who were so encouraging and complimentary that it totally made up for the rest of the day. They really lifted my spirits. So, the shop re-opens tomorrow. If I can get my last 7 orders from last night filled.

JACK. He was introduced to the wonderful world of Little Einsteins and now he points at the tv and says "Eintein, eintein."

GOALS FOR THIS WEEKEND. Get Christmas shopping at least half done (I LOVE CHristmas shopping and don't like to be rushed - my love language is gifts, by the way). Edit some of my own photos from the last month. Sleep a full 8 hours at least one night.

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Jennie said...

I know the stinky day was yesterday, but I thought I'd drop in and offer some encouragement too. I for one, am one very happy customer! I sent my cards/birth announcements out today, and as I stuffed all 100 envelopes, I just kept thinking about how much I love the cards - so thank you!!