December 18, 2008

Cookies and popcorn

Jack has been sick this week. Coughing and fever . . . . last night was the worst. Chills, shaking and, well, he was just really weird. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little scared. He drank FORTY-EIGHT OUNCES of water over the course of the night. He slept in bed with me and Kyle slept in the spare bedroom because he had to be at the school early this morning. Our bed was soaked int he morning, because, well, he drank FORTY-EIGHT OUNCES of water. He'd wake up about every 20 - 30 minutes and say water, water, water until I gave him his cup. He was never really awake and never really asleep. Which means I never really slept.

He fell asleep at about 7 and slept until 11. I was able to get a lot done while he slept, because of course I can't sleep when it's light out, no matter how little sleep I get!

When he woke up, he was like a new kid. The cough was minimal, there was no fever and he was in great spirits. I decided to not to take him to the doctor, but we did do some more Christmas shopping. Our schedule was so messed up and we ended up just eating cookies and popcorn for lunch. Healthy, huh? No better way to get a kid over an illness than to give them junk food.

We actually had a good time and Jack sat on Santa's lap and I paid a whopping $15 for a 4 x 6 photo. Of all times not to have my camera . . . but it was his first photo with Santa, so I definitely needed a copy. And as a thank you to Santa, we may have left him with an unidentified respiratory virus. Whoops. The fever broke . .. he's not contagious. Right? Don't judge me.

Almost all of my Christmas shopping is done, but hopefully I can finish the last of it up on the way home from our trip this weekend. I'm a little nervous because Friday's forecast looks ominous and we're headed farther north. I'll be so bummed if we get snowed in.

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