December 21, 2008


I didn't realize how much I missed Jack until we were getting close to my parents house and I started to get excited at the thought of hugging him. Up until this point, I hadn't been away from him for more than a few hours at a time for his entire existence. Needless to say, 48 hours was a big deal for me.

When we walked in the door he started jumping up and down and looked excited to see us. He proceeded to show us all of the fun new toys that my mom has at her house for him, and tried sing us his "ABC'S."

I sat with him for a little bit but within minutes, he was squirming to go back to Grandma. I'm confident that this is a result of extensive brainwashing on my mom's part, because why else would he desert his mother so soon? This brainwashing involved sledding, going to Fantasyland, watching Little Einsteins, having her full attention 100% of the time, and lots and lots of fun and even more love.

He went to bed soon after we got to my parents and though he went to bed well and napped well for my parents, he gave me the usual bedtime trouble, but I was happy to deal with it. We had a great time this weekend, but we're glad to be back.

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