December 14, 2008

Six whole years

Today, marks the beginning of our seventh year of marriage. So, today is naturally the day where I should post about what a wonderful husband he is and all of the things I love about him.

But I'm not the kind of girl who typically does all of the things she's "supposed" to do. So instead, I'm going to tell you the things that bug me about him.

For starters, the main thing I ask him to do around the house is taking out the trash. Just that one thing. And he forgets about half the time, and I have to remind him the other half of the time. Sometimes, I just let the bathroom waste basket overflow and see how long it will take for him to realize that it needs to be emptied.

Also, he snores. On some nights. About 25% of the time.

Oh, ok, and when he puts 2 liters of soda back into the refrigerator, he usually puts the cap on so tight that I can't get it open. If he's not home, I about die of diet coke deprivation.

And then, there was one time that he folded the towels the wrong way . . . before I showed him the right way to do it.

Yeah, you see . . . that's it. That's all I can come up with. Trash, snoring, tight lids on pop bottles and poorly folded towels . . . once. And to be honest, our soda really does keep its carbonation longer, which is kind of nice.

I'm sure there's more, but very little comes to mind. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be married to my husband. And he never lets me forget that he feels the same way about me, which makes me feel even more fortunate.

I knew that I loved Kyle when I married him, but I had no idea that I would love him this much more 6 years later. I knew he would be a good father, but what I've witnessed over the last 18 months that we've had Jack has totally surpassed any expectations I could have had.

I've seen him grow so much over the last 6 years and even more, I've seen myself grow because of knowing him and living with him and being loved by him.

Marriage isn't easy, but for me, loving Kyle is.


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! hope you had a nice weekend.

Melanie Eccles said...

I love this. :D

Heather S. said...

Happy Anniversary!! I'm wondering. . . is that the last time I saw you - at your wedding? If so, that's too long!!!

Have a great day!

Sara Neufeld said...

that's so sweet! I love that last line. :)

Debbie Luke said...

Happy Anniversary!! :) I hope you have a great and relaxing time away next weekend!!

Bruce and Lynn Jarrett said...

Happy Anniversary!! Bruce and I are celebrating our 42nd today! My list may be a little longer than yours, but you are right on loving them more! It only gets better as you chose to keep going through "the list" and all the bumps in the road.