December 20, 2008

13" of snow has nothing on us

I know, I know . . . I'm on my anniversary trip and I'm blogging. But Kyle's still sleeping and breakfast won't be delivered for an hour (though I can smell bacon and I'm thrilled about that). So, I'm sitting on the floor of the bathroom (which isn't as gross as it sounds . . . the bathroom is the size of our living room and there's an area rug in one half) so that I won't wake Kyle up. I shouldn't have checked my e-mail because there are a slew of cranky people who are upset that I can't get them their cards RIGHT. NOW. and it stresses me out to think about how displeased they are. Seriously, I had no idea how cranky people can get about Christmas cards and wedding announcements and birthday party invitations. And, if it were at all professional, I could write a book about some of the funny/interesting/outrageous/challenging experiences I've had over the last few weeks. But I've learned a lot and am going to be making changes that will really help my customers out in the new year. I should also add that I could write about 14 books on the amazing people I've met through this. I had one e-mail this morning from someone telling me that "I made her Christmas." I really do have the best customers.

Anyway, we traveled in what accumulated to equal 13" of snow yesterday. Which is what I would have called crazy had I heard about someone else doing it. We were in the car for about 8 hours for what should have been about 3 1/2 hours in the car. EIGHT HOURS. But it was so worth it.

I've never stayed at a place this nice before. Nor have I stayed in a place this expensive. When the hostess brought us to our room, I walked in and my jaw dropped. It's a bed and breakfast and looks fairly ordinary from the outside, but the room is INCREDIBLE and breakfast is delivered right to your room at the time you request (why did we ask for 9:00 . . . I should have known I wouldn't be able to sleep in). It has a private deck that leads right out to Lake Huron . . . which would be great in the summer, but not so much when it's 4 degrees outside. The view is still amazing. I'm so glad to be here and it was worth every minute in the car and dollar that we saved for this. As soon as the hostess left, I looked at Kyle and said, "We're coming here for our anniversary every year."

I called my mom when we got here last night and I don't think Jack even realizes that we're gone. Which is good . . . I know he'll have fun with his grandparents. It's my first time away from him overnight. I love it that I won't have to change a single diaper today, but I do miss him a lot. I am bummed that we have all this snow and we can't take him out to play in it.

I'm just looking forward to lounging around and relaxing today. We brought some movies and some games that we used to have time to play before Jack was born (and yes, I realize that this makes us sound like losers, and also . . . I don't care). And, in a little bit, I'm going to take a shower that lasts longer than the amount of time it takes Jack to lose interest in Little Einsteins. Kyle's great grandparents used to have a house up here that he hasn't been to since he was in junior high, so we're going to try and find that. I'm just excited to not have anything specific planned.


Jody said...

I just wanted to let you know that I love our Christmas card. It is beautiful, you did a great job. I am sorry that you are stressed during your trip. I hope you have a great time with your husband this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey- where did you go? Sounds like a nice place.

Anonymous said...

you KNOW we love our card!

so glad you were able to make your trip, weather and all.

Bruce and Lynn Jarrett said...

Sounds romantic! Enjoy your time together...I know you will.