August 14, 2008

What I'm feeling

Stress. I have a dentist appointment on August 26 to get some work done that I've been putting off for, oh . . . two years. I honestly don't mind having dental work done . . . I mean, it's not how I would choose to spend my day if given options, but I can't feel anything so it's not that bad. The part that I'm stressed about is the bill. I so badly wish I had dental insurance.

Pain. I haven't been feeling well the last few days. Sore throat, upset digestive system, headaches, etc. Also, I've been grinding my teeth at night and my jaw hurts like crazy. The pain is also radiating into my neck and shoulder. On top of that, inexplicable knee pain started when I was walking to the office this morning.

Cabin Fever. Camp is over and while I'm being super productive at camp, I find myself missing having our staff around. I'm in the office ALL DAY now.

Sympathy. I hugged Jack extra tightly this morning when I got him up. I got an e-mail last night about the parents of a one year old whose health issues are serious (and I don't think serious accurately describes it . . . I'm just not sure what else to say). My heart is breaking for them.

A longing. Pastor Mark has been doing a sermon series called "The Kingdom of God is like . . . " and has been examining all of the parables in which Jesus tries to help us understand this concept better. Two Sundays ago, he talked about the Kingdom of God seeming insignificant (mustard seed) and undetectable (yeast). This past weekend, he spoke about Jesus comparing it to a treasure hidden in a field, which a man sells all of his possessions to buy. You know how sometimes sermons are good, but sometimes they're so good that they stay with you all week and make you see everything else in light of what you learned? That's how it was for me the last two weeks. You can listen to them here.

Nervous. I'm taking Jack to have some blood drawn today. Not for anything critical . . . just the normal one-year blood test. That's right. One-year. I've put it off 2 months now because of how nervous I am to see him poked.

Frustrated. My camera was doing weird things this morning and I missed some good pictures on my walk. I thought I was going to have to take it in to be repaired, but it started working about two minutes after I got back. Normally, this would fall under the "stressed" category, but thank goodness for ADH warranties.

Hungry. And lunch is still 45 minutes away.


Minnie said...

Offer it up

Xander said...

I'm reading an excellent book right now I think you'd really like. It is "Intimate Intercession" by Tricia McCary Rhodes. She teaches about "prayer without ceasing" as a lifestyle and it is about the only way to deal with the disappointments and fears of every day, I think. Life is tough.

Heather S. said...

Sorry you are not feeling well! I hope your dental work goes well! I have been feeling the same as you regarding the little boy you are talking about (assuming it's Noah). Breaks my heart. I have snagged extra cuddles from my girls today. I can't imagine what they are going through!!