August 10, 2008

Staff training begins again in 42 weeks.

Tonight is the first non-camp Sunday and it feels weird to be sitting at home.

Even though, I'm celebrating a more relaxed schedule by going to IKEA tomorrow with Jeanette, Joy & Debbie, I was really sad to see everyone leave. I mean, I'm sad at the end of every summer, but I was particularly fond of our staff this year.

Working at camp is more than a job . . . it's a lifestyle. The people there become like family. We eat, work and play together. Jack doesn't know what to do with himself on days like today when we don't go there and see everyone. They've taught him as much this summer as we have. He looks up to these people. He's even beginning to learn who God is through the love that these people show him.

While we have a large camp staff, we have the chance every year to really get to know our program staff. We hire them and supervise them all summer long . . . and while it would sometimes be more practical to keep a boss/employee relationship, the amount of time we spend together and the amount of life we share together doesn't make that entirely possible.

I love these guys and I'm so glad for the opportunity to get to know them this summer!

Um, and don't look at the picture too carefully because I hastily (and poorly) photoshoped in two people so we could have a complete picture.

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Anonymous said...

awww...sara this post made me super sad! I didn't know you liked us so much! We did have a great summer :) I'm glad we finally talked...