August 22, 2008

Problem solved

Those who know me, and most who don't, know that photography has become a hobby of mine. Hmm . . . actually, let's call it picture-taking. I'm not sure I can call it "photography."

Anyway, I got a new camera in June and was thrilled with it . . . for a while. However, over the last month and a half, I've wondered why I was having so much trouble getting the shots I wanted. I haven't been really happy with any of the pictures I've taken since, oh, the end of June.

Last night, I went to take a picture of Jack with spaghetti all over his face and realized my battery was dead. So, I popped it in the charger and grabbed my trusty rebel. I took a peek at the teeny tiny screen (at least it seems that way now) and was amazed out how well the pictures came out.

I started thinking about it and decided I should probably sell my new camera. It must be way beyond my skill level and I'll never be good enough to use it, right?

Well, as true as that might be, but there was another problem.

After a lot of exploring last night, I realized that the "picture style" on the camera had been set to "landscape" for who knows how long! My guess is that when I let one of our staff play with it sometime at the beginning of the summer, it got set and never got set back. It didn't matter that I was using fully manual settings. . . this picture style option was giving me major exposure problems.

Ugh. A month and a half of photos . . . wasted. But at least I figured it out. And seriously, can photos of this face really be "bad?"

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