August 6, 2008


We took our staff on our annual end-of-the-summer, Warren Dunes day trip on Friday and had a great time. It was a hard choice, but we opted to leave Jack with grandma for the day. We knew he would have fun if he came along, but it was nice to get away without a baby in tow. It was a nice change to just pack a bag and towel for myself.

Some of our staff wanted to bring something to float on, so they brought our slip and slide rafts:

I, on the other hand, made Kyle bring this:

We spent a good portion of the afternoon floating around in that and jumping in to cool off when we needed to. Unfortunately, I ended up with a sunburn in very uncomfortable places. I'm pretty sure the sunscreen I was using is expired because it was splotchy and uneven. And painful.

The portion of the day that was not spent in the water, was spent on the beach relaxing. The sun was so intense, but we were comfortable under our umbrella. The group sitting next to us included a grandma, her daughters and their scantily clad daughters sitting and reading the tabloids with, um, explicit commentary about what they were reading. On the other side of us, we had an amish family . . . complete with long sleeves, skirts, pants, hats and 142 children. It was an interesting contrast, to say the least.

We enjoyed the relaxation and the company and commented on the way home that we need to do that more often. But we probably won't do it again until next year.


heather.snider said...

Kyle is such a great sport...and husband! EProps to him!

Kels_Caleb said...

142 children.
what a great example for you and kyle - you guys were originally aiming for 129, correct?