August 27, 2008

So far this week . . .

  • The dentist hurt (financially) as much as I thought it would. That's life, I guess. I still have one more appointment to go. I'd better be cavity free at my next check up or I'll have more fillings than a jelly donut shop.
  • I went for a walk on Monday, sans stroller. I actually ran for about half the time. It felt so good . . . that I decided to run yesterday, too. Today I'm feeling a little sore. My goal is to make it through this week. I'll worry about next week when I get there.
  • Jack does this new thing where we say, "The birdie flies away" and he flaps his hands and moves them upward. His Grandma Wietholter taught him to do it over the weekend. He even tries to say "fly." It's super cute, but a few people at camp have started calling it his interpretive dancing. Hmmm . . . not cool.
  • Kyle's birthday was yesterday . . . . welcome to the last year of your twenties!
  • I hit 200 etsy sales on Monday night! Thanks to the people who encouraged me to open my little shop 9 months ago.


The Giffen Family said...

I'll be boosting your sales soon...I have a bridal shower that I'm helping to host and I'm just waiting on "the vote" between 2 of your designs.

Kristyw905 said...

I guess I will have to be more careful about what I show him since he is such a mimic! Also, the Grandma Wietholter reference gave me a little jolt. I definitely have to come up with a different name.