August 27, 2008

Dinner time

Admittedly, this is kind of boring for those of you who aren't his mother.

Jack's favorite words are tractor, bird, diaper, duck and dad . . . but the most recent addition to his list of favorites is "hot." I think it's adorable when he says it, and he knows exactly what it means.

Jack is getting pretty good, albeit messy, with a spoon. The second clip, however, is of him trying to use his fork. Emphasis on the trying.


Anonymous said...

oh, the "hot" is so cute! jack henry is NO WHERE NEAR saying anything.

Kyle Luke said...

Honestly, Jack wasn't really either until a little over a month ago. Even now, he goes through phases where he'll say a few words ALL THE TIME and then won't even repeat them after us the next week.

rachel said...

A-dorable. Favorite parts: how he starts doing the excited grunts when his plate is being brought over, when he blows on the chicken (? i think), when he tries to stab his food and just grabs it with the same hand that's holding the fork, and when he finally gets it and then it falls in his lap.
So basically the whole thing.
So cute!

Kyle Luke said...

I think my favorite part is when he blows on the chicken the second time and then glances up at the camera and smirks.

Maria W. said...

This was just the smile I needed to get my day going, too cute!