September 1, 2008

The bedtime routine

For the first time ever, we actually have something that resembles a bedtime routine. Jack gets a bath and we get him in pajamas. Then we have a snack . . . usually milk and cookies. From there, we brush his teeth, read a book and say a prayer. Well, I say the prayer and jack says "met" at the end (translation: amen).

This is when the "fun" begins. As we're getting ready to leave the room, he always stands up and goes through a litany of requests:

Jack: Nat?
Me: No, you've already had a snack.

Jack: (signs for cup)
Me: No, you just had a drink of water.

Jack: Boo?
Me: No more books. It's time for bed.

Jack: Hoooott.
Me: The fan is on, you'll be ok.

Jack: Tees?
Me: We already brushed your teeth, Jack.

Jack: pepper? (pointing at his diaper)
Me: Nope, you're all clean.

Jack: Mama?
Me: Awww . . . ok, one more hug.

He will not say mama at any other time of the day but bedtime. I'm convinced that he knows exactly what he's doing.

And it works every time.


Heather S. said...

He's a smart boy!!

Minnie said...

He's no dummy.

That's too cute though.