September 25, 2008


I'm at home alone (which I'm almost positive has happened less than ten times total since Jack was born) and I'm surrounded by the clutter that has built up in our house throughout this very busy week. I should be cleaning . . .

We sold our old clothes washer and our wine cooler today (yes, two people who don't drink with a pretty expensive wine cooler . . . another story for another time) and the lady who bought it saw Murphy peeking her head through the blinds in our bedroom. We brought Murphy out and the lady mentioned that her friend has a puggle and might be interested in having another so to call her if we ever wanted to get rid of her. Hmmm . . . that's something to think about. I know it's weird, but the thought of giving her up makes me emotional and relieved all at the same time.

Yesterday I caught Jack standing on the couch and pointing at pictures of Kyle and I saying "Mama" and "Daddy" and then chuckling like he had just told a joke. It was precious. I didn't have the video camera, but I was able to get one shot.

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The Giffen Family said...

I'm guessing he climbed onto the couch to get to the pictures because they caught his eye. Just from the little I know about him and the WHOLE LOT I know about Will I figured that was probably what happened. Will is constantly climbing onto our couch when he sees the light switch (really for the fan) flipped on. After ascending to the highest point on the couch he flips the switch off and returns to his life. Until, of course, he sees it is on again ;) I know our "sweet" boys are going to meet someday and be bestbuds!