September 23, 2008

All-the-time prayers

For about a month now, we've been praying with Jack at bedtime every night. And now, he won't let us forget. He knows to fold his hands, but doesn't quite get the closing his eyes part. Then again, closing your eyes and folding your hands while praying really isn't that important, is it?

But he's started to ask us to pray at other times of the day, too. He'll walk up with clasped hands and ask "Pay?" And we'll sit down with him and tell Jesus that we love him.

I just finished praying with him a few minutes ago and I said, "Jack, did you know that you can pray anytime you want to? Even if mom and dad aren't here! You can even talk to Jesus while you're playing with your toys." I know that he didn't understand what I was saying . . . but somehow I think he gets it better than even I do.


Anonymous said...

Bennett always asks me to pray when we hear a siren, so we pray for the firefighters/police officers and the people who might need their help! We did this one time when there was obviously something huge going on, and now every time we hear a siren he remembers!

Minnie said...

That's awesome.
It's amazing that at times the kids are so much more in tune to His words than we are.
We're just old and jaded.

Heather S. said...

What a sweet boy! Lucy likes to pray at naptime.

Emily said...

that's fantastic!

Erin K. said...

Isn't that the best?? Kaitlyn also loves to pray. It often seems like she has more faith in her four word prayer than I have in my prayers. It sure gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "faith like a child".

I also enjoyed the story about Jack and his piggy bank. =)

Power Up Love said...

Jesus is such a great listener! Your story brings hope to the world.

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