September 11, 2008

It seemed as though time stood still . . .

Do you remember where you were . . .

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
January 28, 1986
I was in the 2nd grade, and I have absolutely no recollection of it. I remember hearing about it in later years, but I don't really remember the specific incident.

The Oklahoma City Bombing
April 19, 1995
I was in France. Paris, to be exact. We were flipping channels in the hotel room and CNN was the only English station. Even then, I didn't realize the gravity of the situation until the next day when we had to go through airport security to get back into the US.

Princess Diana’s Death
August 31, 1997
I was sitting on the floor of my dorm room on 3rd Burritt Annex unpacking stuff as I was beginning to start my sophomore year of college. I remember I was right in front of the closet & the door and someone came in to ask me if I had heard and almost stepped right on me.

Attack on the Twin Towers
September 11, 2001
I must have turned the Today Show off to leave for work a minute or two before they broadcast what was happening. Later, at about 10 AM, I got in the car to run to the post office and heard someone from Third Day on the local Christian radio station being interviewed about what had happened. I really didn't pay much attention and didn't get what he was being interviewed about. WHen I pulled back into camp, I saw Chuck and a few other people standing in the intersection of two of the roads at camp talking. I pulled up and they told me what had happened. Those of us working that day, spent most of the day in the staff lounge watching things unfold. Kyle and I had been officially dating for one day.

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster
February 1, 2003
Kyle and I had been married for less than two months. He was coaching little kids' basketball and he was there (I think . . . he was gone, anyway) and I was at our apartment alone watching it. I actually think the news interrupted whatever I was watching. I remember that I was cleaning and just had the tv on in the background. I was horrified. I think besides the events of September 11, this was the news story that affected me the most. I know that I called Kyle repeatedly until he answered, just to tell him.

Thanks, Nicole, for posting this first.


Smith Family Blog said...

This post brings back so many memories. But the one I remember most is someone else's memory. When the space shuttle exploded in 2003, my cousin and her family were living in Texas. Her 3-year old heard it and and saw part of the shuttle falling. He still remembers it. And that just makes me want to cry.

rachel said...

the challenger blew up on my 1st birthday!