September 14, 2008

The trap.

I've been caught in the worry trap for the last couple of weeks. I fall into it a couple of times a year.

The summer is always tight financially, and September is always the worst. But I most often don't even worry about having enough money now . . . I just worry that we'll never be able to save enough money to retire. Or send our kids to college.

Or that we won't ever have enough money to have more kids, for that matter.

I worry that our country's economic woes will suck us under.

I worry that I'll wake up one morning to get Jack out of his crib and he won't be at all excited to see me.

I worry that so many people will be consumed with thinking that global warming is a hoax that they'll never stop to consider that whether it is or isn't, we are still responsible for taking care of the earth on which we live and I worry that our children and grandchildren will have to suffer the consequences of our carelessness.

I worry that our house will never again be worth what we paid for it.

I worry that the wrong guy will be elected in November. I worry that the person I call the right guy might actually be the wrong guy.

I worry that the dentist will tell me that I need more dental work.

Every time I sell a card, I worry that I'll never sell another.

I was watching the History Channel a few weeks ago (because that's what you do with your free time after you turn 30) and there was a special about the 7 greatest threats to mankind. Since then I've worried that we'll be sucked into a black hole or hit by an asteroid or that Jack will get some sort of flu that can't be treated. (Ok, not really worried about the black hole or asteroid things, but kind of worried about the flu.)

I realize that I sound like a mental case, and I probably am a little. But it feels good to get some of this off of my chest.

And I know, I know . . . worrying gets me nowhere. I think that's why they call it a trap. I'm just working my way out . . .

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Sarah said...

I watched that same show! Ugh. Like there isn't enough to worry about down here on earth.