September 22, 2008

Spare change

We have this star shaped dish on the table in our entryway that we use to dump spare change. After our garage sale a few weeks ago, we were left with TONS of quarters . . . all of which landed in that little glass dish. It was full to the brim. Probably close to $20 in quarters.

Every so often over the last few weeks, I'd grab $1.25 in quarters to buy a Diet Coke at camp (as you can tell, I didn't keep up very well with my goal to be soda-free this year). It honestly didn't happen a lot, but it was nice to treat myself to a refreshing beverage a few times.

Two weeks ago, Kyle made a comment about how my soda habit had drained our change dish. Huh? I looked at the dish and it was EMPTY. I couldn't believe that I breezed through THAT MANY quarters without even knowing it!

Fast forward to last week. I was working in the kitchen and noticed that it had been unusually quiet. I looked around to find out what Jack was doing. I could see him so I started tiptoeing around to find him. I didn't want to disturb him if he was playing, but I wanted to make sure he wasn't, oh, pouring any sort of cooking liquid all over my carpet.

As I rounded the corner toward our entryway, I saw Jack reaching up to the table where the change dish was and taking out a nickel. I stayed quiet and followed him down the hallway to his room where he PUT THE NICKEL INTO HIS BANK!

I continued to watch as he made a few more trips between the change dish and his bank before he caught me watching. When I went to his bear bank, it was definitely heavier than it had been the last time I picked it up. How long had he been doing this?

Hmmm . . . so maybe I didn't drink as much soda as Kyle thought I did.

FYI: The photo is of the aforementioned bank.


jenny said...

that is the BEST STORY EVER. lol! i could totally see my kid doing this - he is obsessed with our spare change!

Anonymous said...

that is SO FUNNY! i can't believe he did this given how little he is!

Heather S. said...

Ha ha!! That is hilarious! Saving already - smart boy!

Becky said...

Awesome, what a little mastermind!

Sarah said...

Andrew used to do this to Becky. He'd go INTO her bedroom when he was a toddler and ASSUME that because he could SEE the change, that it was "finders keepers" and he'd pocket ALL of her loose change! Little thief! (b/c mom had told him that if he found it laying around the house, he could have it....I'm not sure that she meant if he found it IN someone's bedroom!! :))

Smith Family Blog said...

That is so adorable! You let him keep it, right? :)

Kyle Luke said...

Oh, yes. We let him keep it. In fact, we now keep a steady supply of spare change and let him know that he can take it to his bank if he'd like. I think we have to be careful thought, because my fear is that someday he'll be at a friend's house and start pocketing all the change he finds!