June 25, 2008


The next few days are going to be crazy. I leave tomorrow after lunch (with Jack in tow) to go to a rehearsal for Kyle's cousin's wedding that I'm helping with. I'll stay at my parents' house. Kyle will meet us in there on Friday and we'll all stay at my parents' house on Friday night. We leave bright and early Saturday morning for Cadillac, MI, where we'll meet my family and spend the rest of the weekend with them. On Sunday evening, we'll head to Young State Park to spend a week camping with Kyle's family. All 35 or so of us.

The part that stresses me out the most is packing. I need to pack for tomorrow night at my parents. Then I need to have a bag for the hotel this weekend. Then, we have tubs full of stuff that we're bringing with us camping. I'm so tired from trying to get ready.


Elisa said...

Packing is a pain but hopefully you'll have fun once you get there! We'll be camping next week and I was hoping we could get the boys together (finally). We'll try again another time. Have fun!

Erin said...

Hi Psweet Psara,
Hope you're having fun on your camp-a-thon! Jack is getting so big! And handsome as always. A potential suitor for Evie, I think!
OK, I'm in awe of your "less ordinary designs". Are you going to do Christmas cards? I can't wait to order something from my tech-savvy friend!