June 15, 2008

Smooth sailing

Registration and the first night of camp went surprisingly well! Though, I felt like a part-time meteorologist for a good portion of the night as I kept running to and from my office looking at the radar and trying to determine what the best plan of action was for the rest of the night. We were under a severe thunder storm warning but, I kid you not, both systems split in half about 15 miles from camp and went north and south of us. I know that God's goodness is not wrapped up solely in weather patterns but I couldn't help feel blessed tonight.

Once again, we didn't get a Father's Day picture this year. It was so busy and Jack was really cranky. In honor of Father's Day (or so I like to think), he's stopped saying "dada" and has started saying, "Daddd." He practically spits when he enunciates the lats "d" in the word. And he calls for "Daddd" incessantly. Kyle's not home from camp yet tonight, but when we got home he stood by the door to the garage and kept yelling "Daaaadddd." Or if he sees Kyle across the Cedar Center, he'll start calling for him. And of course, he'll only say "mama" when he's crying. I really need to get it on video tape sometime.

Jack only napped for the last 10 minutes on the drive to church and for about 30 minutes in the car while Kyle ran home to get some stuff we needed this afternoon. Hopefully, he'll be able to catch up tomorrow. Even when he's cranky, he's still got a sweetness about him. He'll stop fussing, grab my face, and plant a kiss you me . . . you know, to remind me that it's not my fault and he still loves me. What a great kid.

Speaking of great kids . . . I heard a rumor that my niece, Emma, pulled herself up to a standing position for the first time today! I've gotten used to seeing her a couple of times a week since my mother-in-law has been watching her full time. Now that Kristen and Brett are done with school, I probably won't see her as much and I can't imagine how much she'll have grown between the times I see her now. Maybe Kristen will have to start posting more regularly on their blog (hint, hint).

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