June 23, 2008

Bye, bye bottle

Jack has been bottle-free for about a week now and I never thought I'd say this . . . but I kind of miss it. He was always so cuddly when he nursed or took a bottle, but now that he's not taking a bottle, he won't sit still long enough to cuddle. I think I'm going to miss those times, even though in the last few weeks he constantly tried to stick his finger up my nose and in my ear while I fed him.

We had him down to one a day and then last week, I didn't give him a bottle before bed . . . mainly because I FORGOT. I know, right? I just threw my Mother-of-the-Year award out the window. Oh well . . . maybe next year.

Anyway, he didn't seem to miss it so we didn't offer it anymore. Now, our bedtime ritual goes bath - graham cracker and glass of milk - brushing the teeth - story while he falls asleep.

The bright side? No more washing bottles! We only have two bottles because we didn't need them that often. When I stopped breastfeeding altogether about 2 1/2 months ago, I certainly wasn't going to sink money into more of the super expensive Born Free bottles for 1 1/2 months of bottle feeding! As a result, I felt like there were never clean bottles.

It's a little sad and a little happy . . . much like the conclusion every other stage we've flown through over the last year or so.


Melanie Eccles said...

unfortunately no job offers...*sigh* I'm trying not to be discouraged; trying to wait.

Jess B said...

ROCK ON! Isn't it so nice to be bottle free?! I've got two months to go and the countdown is ON!

Xander said...

I miss the cuddly stage too, now that Alex is beyond it. If this is the case now, I can only imagine the emotional anguish that will accompany his first day at Kindergarten....