June 11, 2008

Someone else's pictures

Kristi worked at camp in the kitchen last summer and at the ranch two summers ago. She applied to be a counselor this year, but we convinced her to spend her summer as Jack's camp counselor instead. It's going SO well. He comes to camp with us and eats his meals with us, but spends the rest of the time with Kristi (though, I like to sneak a little quality time in here and there). We have a trailer that she can take him to for quiet time and naps. I'm shocked at how well he naps for her . . . that was my biggest concern coming into this week. It seems that he naps better for her than he does for us!

It's a little hard because I want to take him swimming and take him to the swings, but I'm so, so lucky to have him close by all day! Fortunately, Kristi takes as many pictures as I do and she took a couple of really cute ones today. I thought I'd share a few . . .

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