June 18, 2008

Work at Somerset Beach. It'll change your life.

This is Hannah.

During a low ropes course activity at camp yesterday, a camper inadvertently wacked her in the eye with their elbow. It's kind of hard to see in this picture. I really wish I would have taken a profile shot because it was so huge. Hannah said she didn't even realize that she was hurt that bad until she looked up and could see her eyebrow out of the corner of her eye. The swelling has gone down but the lovely shade of purple has not. The fact that she's wearing a shirt that says "Sweeeet" made it even more glorious. I told her that I was sorry for her misfortune, but it was probably the best part of my day. Fortunately, Hannah is one of the top 5 funniest people I have ever met (for real) and she said it was the best part of her day, too.

I called the nurse and told her Hannah had been talking back again, and I lost my cool. The nurse thought it was funny. Honestly, a lot of people here think I'm funny. It's so good to work with a group of people who are so easily amused. This is the same group of people who think I'm smart because I used the word "hyperbolically" in a sentence last week. I need to surround myself with more of this kind of people.

In other news, we had to go dumpster diving for a bag of costumes that was thrown out because of a misunderstanding on my part. I guess the real joke's on the counselor who had to dress up in the clothes for "Counselor of the Universe" tonight. The life of a program director is so glamorous. Don't be jealous.


Melanie Eccles said...

oh summer camp. what an unforgettable experience. :)

I love reading your blog, and I'm glad you've found mine to be entertaining. I hope to keep up my end of the deal. *wink* love ya!

rachel said...

Prices are posted at Good Apple now. :)