January 3, 2008

Forced Family Fun

You've heard me mention "Lukeapalooza" in a couple of posts. It's the name I have given to the time when the Luke side of the family all gathers together in one of the lodges at camp for several days and nights of what Kyle's cousin Jason refers to as, "Forced Family Fun." I'm not sure many people know that I call it that. To be honest, there's nothing forced about it. We all really enjoy spending that time together and enjoying each other's company. There are very few families left that still get together regularly after this long and can stand to spend that many days with each other. Having come from a close family myself, I feel fortunate to have married into a close family.

This year was the first time in a while that the lake had frozen over enough for skating. So, the guys cleared an area and created a rink for skating. Remember my previous post in which I promised to fill you in on why the paramedics were called? Here it goes . . .

I wasn't there, so I'm relying on Kyle's account of the story. The guys decided to play a game of hockey. Stacy helped uncle Don get his skates on and before they knew it, his skates had come out from under him and he was lying on the ice. How fortunate we all were that someone was taking pictures.

But he was knocked out cold. He came to within a couple of seconds and seemed to be ok. So, everyone gathered for a family picture.

It was during the family picture that he started asking things like, "Who put my skates on?" and "Did I fall?" Kyle's dad called the ambulance. Everything turned out ok and thankfully he was fine, but the group picture that was taken in the midst of it all is priceless.

It's hard to see because of the low resolution, but he's pretty dazed and glassy eyed.

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Bruce and Lynn Jarrett said...

tell Don if you can't tie your own skates it's time to quit skating or make a New Year's Resolution. The ice down in Florida is to small to skate on, it fits in a glass.