January 17, 2008

"Uh oh" is becoming my most commonly used phrase

Do your kids bump their heads a lot? Is it normal for 7-month-old children to have so many bumps and bruises? Now that Jack can get around on his own, he bumps his head (and elbows and arms and legs) on things so many times a day. Sometimes it doesn't really bother him. Sometimes I can hear the actual bump, followed by his shrieking. I watch him so carefully and take so many precautions, but he so stinkin' fast. He always has bumps and bruises and I feel like this happens more than it should . . . and of course I feel awful about it. Short of living in a padded house, I'm not sure what else to do.

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Nicole said...

LOL... he's just preparing you for toddlerhood HAHA! Get used to the bumps, bruises etc etc. Porter was always bonking his head and still does crazy things like crashing into the wall or falling off the couch and bouncing his head off the coffee table. I'd say it was a boy thing, but I have a friend whose little girl just turned one and for the past 4 months she's been a wild child had has had her fair share of bangs and bruises.

We have never made a big deal about him falling/hitting his head (we'd act like we didn't see it happen, but keep an eye on him to make sure he was ok) and 95% of the time he gets right back up and goes on his merry way. (of course, in the "I'm REALLY" hurt cases, we give him lots of love and kisses and ice).

Good luck with a busy little guy. They keep you on your toes, for sure!