January 18, 2008

Conquering the stairs

I guess conquering is still too strong a word . . . attempting is more like it. He's still not very good at them. I love it that in the second photo he looks like he's just discovered The New World . . . AT THE TOP OF OUR STAIRS!

Then again, you can see the potted plant that he dove into last week. Maybe that's what he's excited about.


Nicole said...

I think your comments are turned off on your Oldest Child post. Anyhow I wanted to comment. (Also, wondered... you didn't say much as to why your sis and brother are more advantaged, but I think I can guess why).

I am 26. I have a younger sister (almost 23) and a younger brother (almost 17). While I did have my own car in high school I must say that *I* bought it. Actually, well, I should clarify and step back a few years. When I was 11 I wanted a HORSE... so I started babysitting and doing chores like a mad woman and a year later I had saived $1000 to buy my own horse. And then I continued to pay for her feed, boarding, vet and farrier bills. Yes, at 13 years old. So, when it came to a car I naturally was expected to buy my own car. I had again saved up about $1200 or so, and my grandma took me shopping and I will admit she helped me with the other half for a decent condition, low milage "older" car. I did make payments to her of like $100/month to pay her back.

Now, my sister... she saved nothing. My mom "loaned" her about $3k for a Ford Probe which was a pretty nice car for a 16 year old. I am not sure my sister ever paid her back. (story of her life... my mom to this DAY still loans her money for brakes on her car- which is a NEW Stratus-, loans her money for car repairs etc.) My sister recently wanted to take CENA courses at college and my mom "loaned" her the money to take the class. I'll mention here that I have $50k in student loans from SAU. Granted, my sister did move out on her own at 17 and held a job, but she has never made ends fully meet. She now has a 2.5 year old daughter and she lives in govt. subsidized housing as a single mom.

On to my brother.... he's 16. He has NO job. He's never been made to work. He drives my dads nice, relatively new, truck or car whenever he wants. He was given a car, an Escort (older, but nice) and he wrecked it and just turned it over to the impound b/c it would cost too much to fix. My dad buys and pays for his cell phone. I had a "car phone" in my car when I was a teen... one that I could call 911 but it didn't minutes. Then I went out and bought myself a "pay by the minute" cell phone (remember when those were the newest and the greatest?) and *I* paid for that.

Anyhow.... this is becoming a novel. I just totally could relate to your situation and how younger siblings (especially those that are much younger) get such advantages. Its like parents try to be all strict with the first kid and by the last kid its like "oh hell, just give them what they want." HAHA!

Heidi said...

I, too, will comment here about the children order thing . . . I'm the fourth of eight children. And both the baby and the oldest think they had it the hardest.

The oldest? Granted, he was totally deprived financially--he had to pay for everything himself, etc.

The baby? She's sad that she missed out on all the memories that all of us older ones share, even though she drove brand new cars.

No one is ever happy, it seems!