January 6, 2008

Mimi the Sardine

Jack got a surprise gift from some family friends yesterday and I'm so excited about it!

Let me back up a little. I was reading a friend's post about feeding her son solid food and saw that he had on the greatest bib! She said her mom and dad bought it for him in Mississippi, so I kind of forgot about it after that.

Fast forward to yesterday . . . her parents (who happen to be the aforementioned family friends) came out to camp yesterday and dropped off a bag that had a cool book and one of these bibs! It's so great! It cleans up so well and seems really durable. We had been using vinyl ones, but they were hard to clean and the paint chipped off within a week. So, we started using our cloth ones that we could put int he washer, but they stain so easily. Mimi the Sardine, the company that makes these bibs, says,
"All of our products are made from Swedish cotton prints that have been treated with an environmentally sound coating to make them permanently water and soil resistant. Just wipe and wear and machine wash as needed."

I got on their website and discovered that the company is also really environmentally friendly as well!

On top of all of that I love the colors and design!

Thank you to the Crosby's for the unexpected, but very appreciated surprise!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like the bib and book, Sara. Happy we found them. ENJOY!!!