January 16, 2008

Feet first

We had Jack in a onesie yesterday and discovered that he will only crawl on his hands and FEET on the hard floor when his knees aren't covered. I need to get the video camera out because it's HILARIOUS to watch in motion! If he had to stop for any extended period of time, he'd twist himself right onto his bum or he'd race for the carpet.

What a funny kid.

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Kels_Caleb said...

Don't worry, Sara...the 2 1/2 hours will come your way. I remember when Caleb was in the 6-10 month range and he spent the entire night, every night straight for those months, bouncing up and down in his bed, giggling with laughter and baby talk. Each night I would pretend to sleep thinking he would go to sleep eventually - nope.
Then, a flip just switched and he started sleeping at night again. I never thought I'd make it through those months! I was walking zombie woman for that time... But, I think it was shortly after that that he actually got into a sleeping routine. Started taking 2 naps a day at regular times for, usually, regular amounts of an 1 1/2 or so. When he switched from 2 naps to 1 (shortly after he turned 2) then it was a solid afternoon chunk of 2-3 hours. Okay, I know all kids are different and watch, Jack will be the one exception to the rule. All I'm saying is that there *might* (ha ha) be hope that you'll get those longer stretches of sleep time during the day in the near-er, rather than farther, future. : )
You're a GREAT MOM, Sara. I know it without even being there...