January 31, 2008

Written to avoid doing the things that I really should be doing

As I was walking into a well-known discount store tonight, every person leaving had a snow shovel in their cart. We're supposed to get hit hard tonight. I can almost feel the "snow day " prayers of every student and teacher in Hillsdale county!

Our second retreat starts tomorrow, so I'm relieved to get some snow. Sledding just isn't the same without it. Our ice broomball tournament would have been pretty soggy, too, if we had kept Tuesday's warm temperatures all week. Seriously though, two more weekends and I'll be ready for warmer weather.

I took Jack to see his doctor today because he's been tugging at his ears for a couple of weeks. I just assumed it was teething because there weren't any symptoms of anything else, but he's been exceptionally cranky the last two days and hasn't slept well at all. After sharing his symptoms with the doctor, she said she felt strongly that it was an ear infection. However, after examination, she said that his ears looked "pristine" and that he's probably going through some new developmental stages. Translation: I don't know what's wrong, so you're just gonna have to deal with it.

Kyle also went to the doctor because he hasn't been feeling well (again). It turns out that he does have an ear infection. Shoot, I thought that maybe he was just going through a new developmental stage too . . .

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