January 12, 2008

I could be a great many things

I know, I know. It's been a long time since I've written anything. There is a lot rolling around in my head right now, but it's so jumbled I don't think I can get it all down cohesively. Instead, I'll just tell you what's going on around me.

January hit hard and the workload at camp right now is incredible. Our first winter retreat is in TWO WEEKS. Our summer camp promotion stuff needs to go out, um . . . TWO WEEKS AGO. All of my family camp materials should go out on February 1. Plus, we're working on a summer curriculum, getting ready for staff training and I'm still working on finishing my paper so my master's degree will be FINISHED. Oh, and we're recruiting and hiring our summer staff. Every year at this time I think, "Thank goodness I won't have to be writing a paper next year at this time." And, every year I'm wrong. I feel a little bit like I'm so divided between different areas and tasks at camp that I can't do any one thing REALLY well. It gets frustrating but I know that it won't be like this forever. If only I weren't so good at so many things . . . :)

In other news . . . Jack is crawling and pulling himself up like he's been doing it all his life. This has made my life much, much more complicated. He's FAST. I look away for a minute and the next thing I know he's shredding a magazine or . . . I don't know . . . putting Murphy in a choke hold. I know I've talked a lot about how mobile Jack has become, but have I ever mentioned what a sweet disposition he has? He loves to give kisses (wet slobbery ones). He loves to give hugs. When Kyle or I sit down, he'll crawl all the way across the room just to cuddle up on our lap . . . for a few seconds before resuming his play.

Kyle just came down and had me take his temperature. He's had a bad cough today and just hasn't been feeling normal. It seems odd to stick the thermometer in his huge ear after using it on Jack's little ears so many times. Of course, he has a fever. Which means we probably won't get to church tomorrow. Between the holidays and fevers over the last few weeks, we've missed a lot of church and I'm missing it. Maybe he'll be doing better by morning . . .

I know this has been a little random and a lot boring. However, I have a few good stories that I plan to write about this week, including one about my mode of transportation in high school and why oldest children are deprived and about my sister's $500 trip to her gym.

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