May 3, 2007

Disappointment all around . . .

So much disappointment in the last few days . . . I don't know where to begin!

My Dr.'s appointment yesterday was great in that the baby still seems to be healthy. it was NOT great in that I was told that the baby hasn't dropped at all (thanks, by the way, to everyone who's told me that he looks like he has) and that by the look of things the chances of me delivering early are much lower than the chances of me delivering after my due date. Also, she told me she would wait at least a week after my due date to induce me . . . that's right, the first day of staff training. Lovely.

I had an appointment for a pedicure today and it was even more disappointing than my Dr.'s appointment. We don't have much "splurge" money, so this was going to be my big splurge before the baby comes. I can't paint my toenails or do really anything to my feet, due to the large protrusion coming from my abdomen. So I thought a pedicure would be something good to splurge on.

In this case, splurge money soon became wasted money. I think I could have soaked my feet at home and put lotion on them and come out just as good as I did with the pedicure. "Well, at least your toenails are painted," you may be thinking. Yeah, but they were in such a rush to get me out of there, they didn't let me sit and let them dry for even a minute. So, getting into the car, I pretty much ruined all of the nails on my left foot. Which means, I'll have to take the polish off of both feet. Or keep the polish and have one foot completely screwed up . . . which might be a nice accent to my huge, swollen ankles anyway. We all know there's no way I'm going to be physically able to re-paint them before the baby comes. It kills me to think of the money that I wasted that could have put toward diapers or hospital bills.

On top of all of this, I didn't get any of the things from in town that I needed to get because I was so upset when I was leaving the salon that I wasn't really able to compose myself enough to go anywhere else public. So, I'll have to go back sometime in the next 24 hours . . . which sucks because gas is $3.29 a gallon.

It's just not a good day.

When I was in Target this afternoon, I realized that people have begun staring at me. It's not the "look at the cute pregnant lady" stare anymore. It's the "oh my word, she's huge" stare. And they don't stare for a moment and give a nice smile. They stare with wide eyes and mouths hanging open and then give a sheepish look when they realize they've been caught staring. Maybe it's time for me to just stay in the house.

I'm gonna go take a nap.

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