May 17, 2007

Nursery photos . . .

Whenever I thought about designing a nursery, there were a few things I knew for sure:

1. I didn't want to have a "theme."
2. I wanted a coffee or espresso colored furniture
3. I wanted muted colors, preferably green & brown.

I got one out of three, but I love how it turned out better than anything I could have imagined. Our theme is "airplanes." We didn't intentionally choose it, but the bedding from PBK we liked was called "vintage airplanes" and it just kind of all fell into place. I love it! And, we found white furniture in the design that we were looking for at a very reasonable price and I don't think dark furniture would have looked nearly as nice as white. But we do have muted colors and green walls. Kyle did an amazing job painting. It's the only room in our house that is the same color that it was originally painted and it's flawless because he's a lot more patient than I am. It's the only room in the house he's painted and it puts all of my rooms to shame.

So, here are some pictures. It's a pretty small room and the walls are at some unique angles, but I think we've used the space well. FYI: THe empty knobs on the wall above his bed are there to hang letters that spell out his name. The letters hang on a string tied to the two knobs. We'll hang it after he's born so we don't ruin the surprise for anyone.

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