May 23, 2007

An update . . .

SO yesterday, I wrote about how today would be my final appointment. Not true. The doctor I saw today couldn't figure out why my real doctor wouldn't want to see me next week (if I haven't gone into labor yet) so we scheduled another one for next week . . . two days before induction day.

TOday's appointment was fairly uneventful. The doctor didn't indicate whether or not he had dropped yet, and I didn't get a chance to ask because all I heard her say was "WOw . . . this baby's not small, is he?!" After that, I was pretty much speechless. I wish I would have asked how big she thinks he is. Are we talking 8 pounds big or 12 pounds big? I did have to be hooked up to the monitor for 30 minutes because his movements have slowed down so much. But everything looks great. I think I was most upset to hear that my baby is "not so small" because of all of the newborn-sized diapers and clothing we have hanging in the closet that might never get used!

I had to be on the monitor once in April too and ironically enough we got the bill for that in the mail when we got home from today's appointment. A whopping $411. I've been frustrated over the past couple of weeks because U of M has a commitment to not doing unecessary tests and procedures in order to keep cost down to patients and insurance companies. That's great, but I wished I would have more assurance that he was healthy and doing ok. After getting today's bill, I have a whole new appreciation for their practices and integrity in healthcare.

The monitor showed that I'm having a lot of contractions . . . just not feeling any of them. I've never wanted to be in pain so much in my entire life! I'm ready to go!

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