May 9, 2007

To induce or not to induce . . .

My doctor's appointment was a little discouraging again today. I know, I know . . . I shouldn't be discouraged . . . I have a healthy pregnancy and am carrying a healthy baby. But when I asked if he had dropped at all since last week, she said, "Well, maybe a little." Which was her polite way of saying, "Nope." She told me that if I haven't had the baby by my due date, we'd start talking about inducing.

Let me preface all of this by saying that I've done some research on induction and I'm scared to death of it. First, I've read and been told that it makes for a MUCH harder labor because it's basically making your body do something that it's not quite ready to do naturally. Which leads me to believe that I'll end up having to be induced because when in this whole process has my body ever done something on its own that it was supposed to do naturally?

Second, I just read that the FDA has NOT approved ANY medicine used for induction for inducing labor for any other reason than one that makes it medically necessary (which happens quite often). Conclusion: If your doctor wants to induce you for convenience (yours or theirs) run in the opposite direction of that doctor. The generally accepted standard is that if you haven't delivered by 1 week past your due date then the risks of inducing are outweighed by the risks of carrying the baby any longer. I've had a couple of friends tell me horror stories of doctors offer to induce them for pretty frivoluous reasons. It totally stuns me, especially after everything I've read. Ok, I'm off track. Anyway, if it becomes medically necessary for me to be induced, none of this information is really that comforting and I'm a little frantic just thinking about it.

Just pray that he comes on his own. Soon.

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