May 31, 2007

40 1/2 weeks.

Here's what I look like . . . puffiness and all. Hopefully not much longer though. They'll call tomorrow between 4 and 6 to let me know when I can come in for induction (as long as they have the bedspace . . . fingers crossed).

And, as humilating as this is, here are the long awaited pictures of my swollen ankles. Notice that I cropped out my toes . . . pregnant women can't paint their toenails and you can read about the pedicure fiasco from a few weeks ago. I honestly can't believe I'm going to post this. I'll have to post the after pictures when he's born. Oh, and notice the small indent on the inside of my right ankle. THat's from having my legs crossed about 5 minutes before the picture was taken. Nice, huh?

Nevermind. I chickened out.

I'm gonna go enjoy my last night at home as a childless woman!

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