April 29, 2007

Just our luck . . .

It has been one long week. On Friday, I felt like it was Tuesday . . . not because the week passed quickly. It felt like it was Tuesday of next week. Unfortunately, this weekend is flying by and I haven't gotten anything done that I had planned on getting done. So, instead of doing it this morning, I'm writing this blog.

On Thursday, when it was raining, our bad luck struck again. I had to run some flyers to Addison Elementary and when I got back to camp, I turned of the wipers, turned off the explorer and put the keys in the cup holder. Only the wipers kept going. I looked at the keys, looked at the wiper switch and sat there for a minute trying to figure out what I had forgotten to do. Is it possible that the wipers can still run without the keys in the car? For us, it is. Only us.

So, I called Chuck and he came to look at the situation. He looked under the steering column and after consulting the car manual, he pulled the fuse for the wipers. They kept going. I was ready to have our staff lay hands on our car and pray out of fear that it was possessed by some evil spirit sent by the rain gods. So, he finally unhooked the battery and they stopped. Hoping that it would reset them, we reattached the battery, but lo, the started back up again. So, for a little more than 24 hours, I just unattached the battery when I got somewhere and reattached it when I went to leave again. A little inconvenient . . . and I got some stares from people who couldn't figure out why the crazy pregnant lady had her wipers on at the second highest speed and detached her battery everywhere she went.

The next day, Dave was able to find the fuse under the hood that turned the wipers off. So, if it rains we're screwed but at least we don't have the wipers going in all of this sunny weather. We googled the problem and found several answers . . . everything from needing to clean the wiper motor to needing to replace the steering column. If we have to replace the steering column, I can honestly say we'll become a one-car family because there is absolutely not way we can afford that.

On top of all of this, our basement still smells like sewage and we can't figure out why.

I'm not being whiny . . . I just find it amusing that we have the most unfortunate luck of anyone I know. At Kyle's baseball game yesterday, foul balls kept heading toward the parking lot. I estimate that we are at least 10 times more likely to have our windshield hit by the ball than anyone else.

Here's some good news: the past two or three days I've had more feeling in my hands than I've had in a while. And my ankles have only been mildly swollen! I'm thankful for that.

I went shopping for nursing clothes yesterday . . . no luck. The ones that fit well are way out of my price range and the ones that are cheap are not comfortable AT ALL. I guess I need to hit a few more places up and try some more clothes on. I really don't think that the size "XS" should be allowed in maternity or nursing clothes. First of all, it's a downer for most of us. Second of all, I think even the smallest girls are at least a "S" and probably usually a "M" by the end of their pregnancies.

We have the SBC summer kick-off today. I hope it goes well and that we get a lot of kids there that have never been to camp before. Our camp registrations have been UP from last year, which is a really pleasant surprise with the state of the economy in Michigan. I just want kids to experience everything about camp that I was able to experience as a kid. I would say that my summers at camp and my four years in college are the most important experiences I had that shaped who I am today.

Well, Kyle's outside trying to get the lawnmower to start . . . and if I had to guess, I'd say that our chances of getting it to work without paying out a lot of money to get it fixed somehow are slim, but stranger things have happened. :)

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