April 9, 2007

Nesting is for the birds . . .

After two full days of crib shopping, we came home and bought a crib online. We could have saved a lot of gas money if we had just settled to do that in the first place. Our nursery furniture is WHITE which is what I said I would never do. I'm more of a dark wood fan (as evidenced by the furnishing in most of our house). But I think it will look good. We found the crib on ebay and the dresser/changer from Ikea. They were cheap . . . and you get what you pay for. Oh well . . . we don't need a Pottery Barn nursery. He won't know the difference anyway!

I washed all of the clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. that we've accumulated for this little boy. I've sorted and folded everything, but kids' clothes sizing is annoying. SOme things say 0 - 3 months, some say 3 months and others say 3 - 6 months, but everything looks like a different size. Plus, I've been told by some parents that the sizing is pretty accurate and others tell me that it's way off for most kids. I hope we're equipped with enough in the sizes that we need.

We had another shower on Saturday that Kyle's aunts threw for us. It was so nice and they did an amazing job planning it. We got clothes, toys, a bundle bag for the car seat, a baby monitor, books, a diaper bag (one that has been approved as masculine enough for kyle), and so much more! It was, once again, overwhelming. Here are some pictures:

They had a cake made that matched our bedding for his room exactly!

Me with my mom (left) and Kyle's mom (right).

Not the best picture of me ever, but it gives you an idea of how ginormous I am.

Ready to be done with pictures.

All in all, it was a good time!

Easter was pretty good . . . we went to my parent's church and had dinner with my family. Afterwards, we went to Ikea (which we thought was weird that it was open on Easter, but we were glad it was) to buy the dresser that matched our crib. In the everning, we went to Kyle's parents for an hour or two to see his aunt, uncle and cousins. We realized on our way home on Sunday that from now on we'll be doing Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts for our baby every year. We're so grown up.

I went to triage on Monday morning because I hadn't felt the baby move in so long. I felt him twice on Sunday and not at all all night through Monday morning. I called and they told me to come in. THe nurse found a heartbeat right away and made me feel like an idiot for worrying. Then gave me a discharge paper that said I should come back if I had severe cramping or if I felt a decrease in fetal activity! I can't win. But the heartbeat was strong and there's nothing to worry about.

Kyle had his first baseball game yesterday and his team won both games! They played so well. The first game wasn't too bad to watch, but the sun started to go down on the second game and we froze! I didn't think I'd make it through both games but I did. My back is paying today from sitting on bleachers for so long.

Only 6 1/2 weeks left and I can't wait to get the feeling back in my fingers and the heartburn out of my throat!

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