April 12, 2007

Birds of a feather . . .

Mark my words . . . today's going to be a weird day.

Weird thing #1: I just woke up. Well, that's not completely true. I woke up for first breakfast at about 6:00, but must have laid back down because it's little after 8:30 and I woke up for the second time because I was snoring so loud it startled me. I so rarely snore, and I never sleep in past 7. That's weird.

Weird thing #2: I was sitting at my kitchen table (where I still currently am) checking my e-mail and looked up to see two robins sitting on our birdfeeder (which is empty) staring at me out of the beady little eyes on the sides of their head. As I sat here thinking about how ironic it is to see these symbols of spring in a week that is so cold and snowy one of them took off flying right toward me . . . right into the window! I've seen marks on our windows from birds before but I've never actually seen one fly into it . . . especially flying straight toward me. So, so strange. FYI: The bird seems to be alright and did fly away eventually.

Weird thing #3: As I was sitting in shock over the robin hitting the window, I looked up and saw a HUGE turkey walking through our back yard toward our deck. At this point, I looked for a camera because I was stunned. I've seen turkeys cross the street when I'm driving and at camp, but never in our back yard and never after a different bird just crashed into our kitchen window. But that's not all. Following the turkey was a deer. If I didn't know better, I would think they were friends traveling together. Honestly, I feel a little like it was a dream.

Weird thing #4: This is the weirdest of them all. Murphy was sitting on the back of the living room chair watching the whole thing. Her head kept tipping from side to side but she DIDN'T BARK AT ALL! I wonder if she was as perplexed as i am. This dog barks if she sees a squirrel three yards away. But she just sat there looking and seemed to be speechless.

Maybe this doesn't seem weird to you, but when it all happens in the first 10 minutes that you're awake it still seems like you're dreaming a little. It's only 9AM . . . I wonder what the rest of the day holds.

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