April 23, 2007


Do you know who I think is a genius? The guy who invented the remote control. I know that it is sometimes the symbol of general laziness, but for the person who feels like her ankles are wrapped tightly in ace bandages because they're so swollen, it's really quite helpful.

I LOVE this weather. Spring is the only time of year that I'm ok with living in Michigan (as opposed to, say, Southern California). In church on Sunday, our pastor said that spring comes as a surprise every year . . . you never hear anyone complaining that this spring is just like last year's spring! My windows are open and my house smells like summer. THere are boats out on the lake. I love it!

If you feel led to pray for me this week, pray that I'll be able to focus on getting the theology portion of my thesis done. My goal before the baby comes is to have that done (well, that's more than a goal .. . it's a requirement) and to have hte survey done. If I have the survey done, I can adminster it during Senior Teen camp, thereby eliminating the need to round up test subjects. I'm having trouble focusing and getting anything done when there's so much camp stuff and baby stuff to be done. I'm hoping I can buckle down this week and make some significant progress.

Kyle and I bought a camera today. He had asked for gift cards to Best Buy for Christmas to purchase a GPS system. EVERYONE got him gift cards, so he bought the GPS system in January and we've been sitting ont he rest of the gift cards ever since. I have my digital Canon Rebel which takes fantastic pictures, but it's really bulky. I've been wanting something I can throw in my purse or the diaper bag just to have in case . . . well, in case the baby does something new or cute. So, we found one in the price range of the gift cards today and I'm pretty happy with it. It was hard to walk away from the $500 sony one that I really wanted, but I know that I'm better off not having to spend money out of pocket that I don't have!

Well, I just heard Kyle pull into the driveway from taking our trash to the dumpsters at camp. He's got Murphy with him so my moments of peace are over!

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