November 1, 2009

My week on twitter . . .

An abbreviated look at a few of the things you might have missed if you don't follow me on twitter . . .

  • Grocery shopping with two [for the first time] this afternoon . . . a little scared.
  • Our carpet was cleaned and deodorized today . . . I heart Stanley Steemer.
  • Someone said I was "moving slow" because they e-mailed me 2 1/2 hours ago and I'm just now getting back with them. I set the bar too high.
  • Ben is 1 month old . . . 12 pounds, 11 ounces. He beat Jack by over a pound!
  • Happiness is . . .

  • Jack: Will you cuddle with me? Me: Sure . . . for one minute. Jack: Two minutes. Me: One minute. Jack: One minute and a little more?

  • Jack: Thank you God for mom. Me: Aww, thanks, Jack. Jack: Congratulations, Mom.
  • Thank you to the mcdonalds employee who was gracious enough to not make fun of me when I tried to put my arm out of my closed window . . .
  • The fact that it's 3:56 rather than 4:56 doesn't make being awake right now any more fun.
  • Jack just put his football in timeout and then said "oh did you hit me? well you can stay there longer now"

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