November 30, 2009


I had forgotten how much babies drool. Ben started last week and between that and the spit up, I am never wearing a clean shirt and I always have little bits of nastiness in my hair. Nice, huh?

With Jack, I remember being ready for the drooly, spit-up stage to be over. To be done with bibs and bringing 10 burp cloths every time we left the house. It's not any more fun this time around, but I know that it won't last too long, in the grand scheme of things. Before long, we'll be potty training him. And that's a whole lot messier.

Potty training Jack has had its ups and downs. On Saturday, we went all day without one accident and he told us EVERY TIME he had to go. I felt like it was all coming together. Then on Sunday, we had three accidents before 11 AM.

We were going to try and skip pull-ups and go with underpants only, but after cleaning the couch cushion four times in one week, we decided training pants might be the way to go. And honestly, he tells us that he has to go just as much when he's wearing those as when he's wearing underpants. He will not (WILL NOT) go #2 on the potty though. But we're not pushing it. Uh, not pressuring him, I mean.

It goes without saying that Jack does better when he has our undivided attention. That's obvious. But undivided attention is running low these days. Not a day goes by that I don't mourn the loss of diapers. They were so much easier.

I think potty training might be the most labor intense part of parenting up to this point.


Sarah said...

oh yes, we are HEAVY into the drooling and gnawing on EVERYTHING right now. Everything that goes into Ezra's hand goes into his mouth. And he's doing a very good job of reaching out for things now, so we definitely have to be a little more baby-proofed these days. His shirt is constantly wet and burp rags are never far.

Smith Family Blog said...

The best is when the spit up goes right down your shirt and kinda pools right there in your nursing bra. In public no less. Yep.

Jeanette said...

Kudos on the poop pun. Nicely played.

Anonymous said...
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