November 8, 2009

(Another late) Sneak peek

If you think that these sisters love each other, then you're right. But don't be fooled . . . the hugging is less about the love and more about the fact that it was 40 degrees outside when we took these pictures. They were troopers. Pay no attention to the icicles hanging from their appendages.

The irony is that if we had waited ONE WEEK, we could have taken these in balmy 60 degree weather. Who would have thought?


Kristi said...

I wish you lived close to me. Multiple reasons:

A. I could play with your adorable little boys.
B. You could teach me about photography and design.
C. Basically just because I think you're awesome and I'd get to laugh at your jokes in person and not through twitter.

These pics are awesome. :)

Makin' Me Crazy said...

What a couple of cuties!


Oh Mandie said...

lovely blog! I wish I had some of your awesome photography skills! I probably take around 30 pictures of my boys before I deem one worthy enoughy post or print out.

Jennie said...

Hey Sara! Looking forward to picking out another cute card for this year - hopefully you'll get lots of customers from Nasvhille this season - we got so mnay compliments on the Christmas card/birth announcement last year and have passed your etsy shop along!